Individual services for shipowners

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of ship operations and related areas, we are pleased to offer this service to other ship owners. We specialise in dry cargo shipping as part of smaller/medium fleet/units, with a focus on container ships.

We can offer the entire range of ship operation including crews to meet your requirements:

Preventive Maintenance 
Drevin Bereederungs GmbH & Co.KG uses the right software to ensure the highest possible productivity in a wide range of applications.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our extensive network of experienced staff and contacts with select engineering service providers and repairers around the world ensures competitive, high-quality execution of repairs and maintenance jobs, large and small.

Dry Docking and Repairs
Drevin Bereederung provides assistance with or can fully handle your dry docking or major repair. This can also be done on a one-off basis.

Regulatory Compliance Checks
Drevin Bereederung can plan, support, and perform the regularly required audits on your behalf per ISM, ISPS, and all other (statutory) regulations.

Flag State and Regional Regulations
Drevin Bereederung continuously monitors and checks the conformity of the documents and certificates of the vessels it serves for compliance with flag-state and regional requirements.

Purchase/Delivery of Ship’s Supplies
Purchase and delivery of supplies for ships under our management. All processes can be viewed and checked by the client at any time. Extensive reporting included.

Assessment and Review
The work of our inspectors does not end with the inspection. We also support our clients with constant, practical advice regarding possible/necessary changes or improvements. This can also include on/off-hire, ISM and ISPS audits, environmental safety issues, as well as damage and repair inspections.

Fee-Based Technical Support
Drevin Bereederung can offer its clients both technical expertise and billing support. We can provide you with on-site offices on either a short- or long-term basis. We offer these services separately from our ship management services.